This was a cool shoot for me!

If you didn’t know, my family did mission work in Slovakia from 1994-1998 and Todd and Julie Bonner were there with us that first year to help my parents with their ministry there. They ended up getting married when they moved back to the States and have, until recently, been living in the Austin area.

Bonners-WM-6-1 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel

They felt the urge to minimize, sell their home, and travel around the country in a travel trailer for a whole year and they just kicked that trip off. I saw they’d be stopping in Lubbock, so I really wanted to catch up with them and do their pictures.

Bonners-WM-8 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel

Bonners-WM-4 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel

I’ve only bumped into them a handful of times since the 90s, so it’s really crazy to see how old their kids are!

DSC_9437-edit-2 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel
Bonners-WM-11 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel
Bonners-WM-13 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel

They were staying at the Lubbock RV park by the airport. I wanted to use the RV as their backdrop, but space was a little limited (and time, since we spent most of it catching up).

They have already lived this lifestyle for a month and they haven’t killed each other, yet, so I was pretty impressed. They still seemed like they liked each other!

Bonners-WM-1-2 Bonner Family | Eat Sip Travel

If you’d like to follow them as they head into Colorado and up through Canada in the next couple months, click here.