I got the chance to take pictures of my friend’s little girls. Get yourself ready to see some cuteness, because these girls were too much.

I grew up with Donovan here in Lubbock and we both went through the AIM program. He ended up meeting his wife, Alinne on his mission field in Mexico. Now they have two beautiful girls, Lucia and Anya.DSC_9600 Lucia and Anya

This was Lucia’s first pose without me saying anything to her. She’s got so much personality!

DSC_9612 Lucia and Anya DSC_9617 Lucia and Anya

Anya sitting in Donovan’s great-grandmother’s rocking chair.DSC_9622 Lucia and Anya DSC_9627 Lucia and Anya DSC_9648 Lucia and Anya DSC_9672 Lucia and Anya DSC_9707 Lucia and Anya DSC_9713-edit-2 Lucia and Anya

When my wife first saw this outfit at church, she almost died.DSC_9726 Lucia and Anya

I had a lot of fun with Donovan and Alinne! Donovan was such a fun kid to grow up with and his kids seem to have his same craziness.DSC_9747 Lucia and Anya

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