Woah, crazy!

You're graduating!

So you’ve almost finished 12 years of school! Your mom probably feels like it was just yesterday that she put you on that bus to school for the first time. She probably cries every time she thinks about it, right?

Not you, though! This has been a long 12 years full of hard work and perseverance and you’ve earned every bit of celebrating possible for your senior year! Why not also look like a model?

DSC_6619-2 Seniors
Isaac-116 Seniors
Brady-141 Seniors

Why not celebrate with a photoshoot so you can have some awesome pics to send to family and friends in those invitations you’ll be mailing out soon?

And your mom will get to remember how you looked while you’re off at college; that’s a bonus, right?

Take a look at some other seniors who decided to be awesome!